Front Desk Volunteer

Holiday Party, December 8

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

JJ Hapgood Store, October 8

              Front Desk Volunteers Vital

to the Organization

Our Front Desk Volunteers allow us to do the important work that goes on here at Neighborhood Connections. In addition to being the first friendly face a client sees when they walk in the door, they provide important, necessary clerical duties. Thank you to these people who staff our front desk week in and week out. We literally could not do it without you....


                             Joan Dayton                                      Susan Martinetti

                             Andrew Thompson                        Pat Roberts

                             Randee Keith                                    Carolyn Scully

                            Joan DiMonda                                   Sue Parks

                            Marcy Gekoski                                  Kathy Kuperberg

                                                                Karen Pfister

Volunteers Wanted

   There are a number of volunteer opportunities available including staffing the front desk ; assisting at fundraising activities and visiting the homebound.
    Email us and give us an idea of what type of volunteering you are interested in at: ​.