Future Dreams and Plans Include:

  • The realization of a school-based dental program

  • The establishment of local family dental service

  • The regular presentation of workshops related to health and healthy choices

  • The integration, through a local team approach, of many of the health services already​ offered throughout our area, including alternative and complementary, preventive and curative medicine

Health Education

Dr. Delores Barbeau works in the community providing the following services:

  • Share Health-related activities in the area

  • Provides health tips

  • Individual educational sessions about health issues

  • Participates in the Springfield district community health team

  • Individual medication reviews

  • Working as Flood Brook Union School as consulting physician

  • Makes regular visits to patients in nursing homes, senior centers and local homes

  • Presents regular television programs on health-related topics, found on our local stations 

  • Works with AHEC to offer community-based experience for medical students and residents completing rotations in the area